What We Love About Technology

kcwit what we love about techWith Valentine’s Day coming up this Friday, it has us all in a lovey dovey techie mood. Here’s what some of our  members are loving about technology…


EricaErica: The thing I love most about technology is how easy it is to stay in touch with the ones I care about most. From video chatting with my best friend across the country to texting photos of my vacations to my grandparents to sharing a grocery list with my boyfriend, technology makes it easier to be connected.


brecken-heft_kcwitBrecken Heft: I love the creativity technology provides and the many opportunities.


Alyssa Murfey_kcwitAlyssa: I love how technology has empowered us to connect and learn from one another. Sites like Lynda.com, Treehouse and all the communities and forums beyond that have put the power of knowledge in our hands. I can’t wait to start utilizing some of these myself and learn brand new things!


kate-nielsen_kcwitKate Nielsen: Technology marries creativity, innovation and problem solving and it is always evolving- FAST! You can never be bored.


Andrea Moran_KcWitAndrea: I love technology because just when I’m cruising along, technology changes, and I have to adapt. It’s opened up many doors and has exposed me to exciting career opportunities. I love being able to grow and teach others.


Jennifer Funk_KCWITJennifer Funk: I love technology because it has introduced me to voices and ideas I’d never have known otherwise — and also because it’s a catalyst for positive change in our lives and communities.


satah-withee_kcwitSarah Withee: I love showing others how to write their own programs. It’s great seeing their faces when they do their first programs, especially with children.


Josepha_KCWitJosepha: I love technology because, like light and love, the more you share it the more you have.







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