We are developers, innovators, and thought leaders,
and we're trying to get more women in tech.

About Us

If you're a woman in tech, chances are you're the only one at your company, or at a user group, or at an event. The numbers aren't in our favor. We're trying to bring current women in tech together for solidarity, and to help encourage girls and women to pursue technology careers.

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Executive Team

Striving to bring more diversity and inclusion to the tech world. Life long learner, maker, mom, and wife.
Treasurer, Financial Director
Jacob found redemption as a software engineer while working as an architect. He has a 2 children and is originally from Australia.
Founder, Secretary
Jennifer is a self-taught full-stack javascript developer with a passion for technology and community building.


Tech Talks

TechTalks Program Director
Beth Noser is a STEM girl, gezellig master, and wannabe sleuth. She is an advocate for women and minorities within the tech industry. Beth loves coaching and mentoring. Outside of Read More
TechTalks Program Director
Liz develops iOS applications with a focus on web accessibility and user experience. She has over four years of experience in software engineering, testing, and quality assurance, and is a Read More

Coding & Cocktails

Coding & Cocktails Mentor Director
Gabi has a passion for languages, world travel, promoting diversity, and oysters. You can find her on her yoga mat or scratching her head at a computer screen.  
Coding & Cocktails Director
Amy is a graphic designer turned software developer who got her start in KCWiT’s Coding & Cocktails program. She loves learning new things, cuddling her cat, and playing board games.
Coding & Cocktails Marketing Director
Kim Watt considers herself a data-driven storyteller with a background in marketing and Salesforce and a growing interest in the power of data tools & technologies. She is a KC Read More
Coding & Cocktails Curriculum Director
Lulu is both a full-stack developer and a philosopher. She has a passion for learning, volunteering, practicing yoga, and participating in reading groups.Lulu Cao, Coding & Cocktails Curriculum Director.
Coding & Cocktails Presentation Director
Coding & Cocktails Co-Director

Coder Dojo

Coder Dojo Program Director


KCWiT Ambassador
This Kansas City native is a software engineer, mother of two, and lover of puzzles, mom & pop shops, and all things Harry Potter.
KCWiT Ambassador
Product owner by day, evangelist for women in STEM by night, Tamara Copple, MBA, CBAP is a product owner with Kansas City-headquartered non-profit Children International. She is a past president Read More
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