Kansas City Women in Technology will cater to women in all stages of their career, be it a girl just learning to do simple addition, or a CEO looking to inspire the future generation. KCWiT will provide networking and growth opportunities for members and ask in return for them to become leaders in the community by mentoring and inspiring those around them.


Members will receive access to KCWiT run events, as well as notifications about all tech events going on in the area. Events will include networking opportunities, speakers, career coaching and more.

Upcoming Events:

Student Membership

Young women in high school and college will be invited to special networking events hosted at companies in the area, where they can network with women already in career tracks. There will also be monthly one on one mentoring sessions pairing members and students in similar discipline tracks.

Community Outreach

KCWiT will act as a Program Manager and aid in launching national projects in local schools.

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Parents 4 KCWiT

Learn to Code Workshop: Parents can sign up with their daughters for a fun workshop to learn to code using arduinos and a computer.

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