October 2019 TechTalk: What Is A Digital Strategist?

How long do you let a campaign run before determining its success? Which platform is best for running targeted local ads? We discussed all this and more during our October TechTalk series What Is A Digital Strategist? At Fishtech, a cyber security center in south Kansas City. Joann, digital strategist at Deluxe, led the conversation having worked as a digital strategist for six years working with both national and local companies.

Joann discussed how working in digital marketing shouldn’t be a siloed experience, that both digital and traditional media can work together to share your company’s story. When planning your digital strategy, incorporating both into your budget is key for success to reach potential customers who may not be easy to target online.

Beyond analyzing data to create a knock-out digital strategy, digital strategist work collaboratively with many other members on staff to bring their campaigns to life.

We would like to thank everyone who came out to join us and to network during our monthly TechTalk. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more announcements regarding our final 2019 TechTalk, our annual fashion show.

Thank you again to our host, Fishtech, for providing such a wonderful events space and for our TechTalk.

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