In Solidarity: Honoring Juneteenth at KCWiT

As we continue to amplify Black voices, self-reflect, and educate ourselves on systemic racism, we understand that there’s an important step that we need to make in order to move forward. We need to acknowledge our history and the oppressive barriers that Black people have endured for centuries.

Today we invite our community to observe Juneteenth with us by setting some time aside to learn about the Black history that was intentionally omitted from our history textbooks. We will also share ways to support the Black community in Kansas City. 

Learning Omitted History:


Reflecting on white-supremacy, privilege, and unlearning racism:


Supporting Black-owned businesses in Kansas City:


Donating to organizations in Kansas City:


Additional thoughts:

The fight towards ending racial injustice will be long and uncomfortable, but it’s important work that each of us are responsible for doing every day: from educating ourselves, checking our privilege, and voting for legislators who will fight for the rights of oppressed people. Choosing not to participate means choosing to uphold white supremacy and systemic racism. 

More resources:

The following tech companies are also observing Juneteenth and sharing valuable resources and information to accompany our own list of resources:

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