Coding & Cocktails: An Attendee’s Perspective – Patrina and CSS

Trying to decide to attend a Coding & Cocktails program? ALL levels and abilities are welcome. Join Patrina as she starts to tackle CSS. 

Something I heard during this month’s session that resonated with me: “I know enough CSS to get by”.

Patrina CSS EventThis statement made me wonder exactly how much CSS (e.g. Cascading Style Sheets I now know)  is enough to get by. As I sat there listening waiting for more of a specific answer, I realized I would never get one. I received several different descriptions of font styles, colors, sizes, shapes, effects as well as explanations on how to manipulate them. If you are that girl (like myself) with a thousand different ideas and lack the tools to create them, learning CSS could be for you. If learning HTML (last month) is like being given an empty toolbox, then CSS is like receiving the tools. The more you use CSS the easier it becomes to locate exactly which tool to use to get your point across, solve problems in a more efficient or even beautiful way, and to understand technology as a concept that is literally limitless.

It has been eight hours (two sessions), and I am still not a tech expert. I still make plenty of mistakes. I ask questions and there are all these awesome women there to help me find a way to the right answers. I still haven’t learned how to make a website on my own, but I am learning. I am specifically getting by. with “A little help from my friends” _Lennon/McCartney.

See you at the next Coding and Cocktails in March. – Patrina

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