Career Spotlight: Amy Norris

Amy Norris, a graphic designer, wanted to expand her toolbelt of skills to include development. Not only did she graduate from LaunchCode’s first-ever cohort in Kansas City but she was at nearly every Coding & Cocktails class in 2016. In 2017, she became a Cocktails mentor, and late last fall, found her first full-time developer role through National Land Realty, whose CTO Ann Gaffigan is also a KCWiT member.

KCWiT: What would you like to tell other KCWiT members about interviewing for your first technical role?

Amy: Don’t panic! Speaking about technical interviews in particular, it can be as good to admit when you’re stuck on a problem as it is to get every answer right. It shows that you’re willing to admit your ignorance and ask for help.

KCWiT: Have your experiences with KCWiT helped you professionally? If so, how?

Amy: Absolutely! KCWiT introduced me to code, and introduced me to my new boss! I never would have heard about the job I have now if it weren’t for the KCWiT Slack channel.

You can connect with Amy at or give her a shout out on Slack!

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