Coding and Cocktails

Coding & Cocktails Mentor Director
Gabi has a passion for languages, world travel, promoting diversity, and oysters. You can find her on her yoga mat or scratching her head at a computer screen.  
Coding & Cocktails Director
Amy is a graphic designer turned software developer who got her start in KCWiT’s Coding & Cocktails program. She loves learning new things, cuddling her cat, and playing board games.
Coding & Cocktails Marketing Director
Kim Watt considers herself a data-driven storyteller with a background in marketing and Salesforce and a growing interest in the power of data tools & technologies. She is a KC Read More
Coding & Cocktails Curriculum Director
Lulu is both a full-stack developer and a philosopher. She has a passion for learning, volunteering, practicing yoga, and participating in reading groups.Lulu Cao, Coding & Cocktails Curriculum Director.
Coding & Cocktails Presentation Director
Coding & Cocktails Co-Director
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