Mentor Spotlight | Michelle Tuason

Michelle Tuason

Describe what you do in one sentence.

My job title is Developer. As part of the Business Innovations team, I use technology in various forms to address the needs of our internal and external clients.

How did you get involved with KCWiT?

Initially I was referred to the CoderDojo program through a co-worker. After mentoring at one of the sessions, I got a chance to meet Jennifer (Wadella, KCWiT founder) and asked her how I could get more involved.

What is your technology background?

I started my technology career six years ago on the help desk of a law firm. My initial intent was to move into networking, but I became really passionate about programming after I was given the opportunity to build a new intranet site for the firm. My positions since then have all been focused on software engineering and development.

What is one thing you learned or a memorable experience from your time as a KCWiT mentor?

Even though my involvement so far has been as a mentor, I feel like I’m the one who learns the most after each event. Whether the audience is young or old, male or female, each of their unique perspectives continues to inspire and influence my professional and personal life.

Describe your dream cupcake.

Never-ending 🙂

If there were a TV show about your life, what would be its theme song?

“Unstoppable” by Santigold

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