Mentor Spotlight| Heather Birdwell

HeatherBirdwell What do you enjoy the most about being a program mentor?

 “The excitement, watching kids get excited about coding. Some boys are coding      in  Minecraft command code, girls are working on a variety of projects, there’s very different aspects of activities that are going on.”

What is your technology background?

“I grew up with a computer engineer for a father, so it was a very technical environment. I created my first HTML website in 2000 and it’s still live.”

How did you get involved with KCWiT? 
My friend posted about CoderDoJoKC on Facebook and I knew I needed to get my kids involved. I saw they take mentors and I knew it was up my alley. The rest is history.
What is your favorite music to code/work to?

Lindsey Stirling Pandora Station

What is your favorite thing about Kansas City? 
It’s really such a small, tight-knit community even though it is a big city
Describe what you do in one sentence
I currently provide web content for clients, but am growing to create create websites, repair mobile devices, and offer social media marketing consultations.
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