Cassandra Nave_SpotlightWhat I do: 
“I work virtually with Fusion Apps Inc. We code online and focus on business development, project management, proconsul management.”
What is your technology background?: 
I began programming in school to Basic, Pascal, COBL, FORTRAN, and Assembler. I have programmed in many different languages, C, ProC, XML, CSS, SQL, whatever the applications needs. Now I have experience from Pre-Sales to Business Development to teaching classes and from backup support to managing software, networks, and disaster recovery (DR).
What do you enjoy most about working as a mentor for CoderDojo?
I love STEM initiatives. Our schools cannot give our kids all the learning during a regular school day so we have to supplement and keep their interests. 
How is technology impacting Kansas City?: 
Kansas City is different in the fact that we have technology widely available, but our school districts don’t full take advantage of it. So you have a really successful part of the population, but the ability to change to be successful is not fully accessible to all areas of the population. Bring technology to the masses and make it available. Make it available via schools, churches, and places like the Full Employment Council. 
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