If you’re looking to build or expand a diverse team, you’re in the right place. When women in Kansas City are looking to find a new job, they often come to our community first. They want to know where to apply to…and where to avoid. They want to ask questions about interview processes and culture, and they rely on feedback from other women in the KCWiT community.

We don’t post just ANY jobs to our board – we only work with companies we know are dedicated to creating an inclusive culture and treating their employees well, meaning women are more likely to apply to jobs on our board knowing the employers have KCWiT’s approval. Our ​job board​ allows you to get your job listings in front of diverse candidates and our listing form helps you call out great things about your company that women specifically look for when beginning a job search.

There are two ways to post jobs to our board; pay-per-listing and corporate sponsorship.

$100/per job listing for 90 day duration
Submit a listing here. Our team will review before it’s published.

Corporate Sponsorship
If you’re interested in listing multiple jobs, we suggest you take a look at our sponsorship opportunities. Each level includes a batch of job listings on our board! Reach out for sponsorship level information here.

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