We are developers, innovators, and thought leaders,
and we're trying to get more women in tech.

About Us

If you're a woman in tech, chances are you're the only one at your company, or at a user group, or at an event. The numbers aren't in our favor. We're trying to bring current women in tech together for solidarity, and to help encourage girls and women to pursue technology careers.

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Meet the ladies(*) behind the cogs.

Jennifer Wadella
Founder, President
Jennifer is a self-taught full-stack javascript developer with a passion for technology and community building.
Jacob Schwartz
Treasurer, Financial Director
Jacob found redemption as a software engineer while working as an architect. He has 2 children and is originally from Australia.
Ventura Rangel
Executive Operations Director
Wife to the amazing Andrew Rangel, and mom to the marvelous maker Maeve and awesomely autistic Atticus. Crafting and making are my favorite past times. You can find me exploring Read More
Sarah Duitsman
Executive Program Director
Sarah is an engineering team lead who fell in love with computers as a child. She enjoys connecting with other women in the industry and helping others feel more confident Read More
Alison Renfro
Events Director
I have a huge heart for technology – particularly when it comes to empowering women in technology! I’ve been serving as a Product Owner / Product Manager for a little over Read More
Karly Kownslar
Events Marketing Director
Karly is a training specialist, social media content designer, and video editor. She loves podcasts, trying new KC restaurants with her partner, and playing with their two dogs and cat.
Kiowa Alumno
Events Attendee Director
Mom of 2, foodie, and feminist. A teacher turned self-taught designer and developer. All about empowered women and computer science!
Dasia Mendez
Events Sponsorship Director
Dasia is a software developer student and amateur balloon artist. The KC tech community sparked her interest in technology, and she hopes to do the same for someone else. She Read More
Laura Haskell
Internal Technology Director
Laura flipped her career from marketing to web development with the help of LaunchCode. She enjoys expanding her knowledge by diving into new technologies and tools. A few of her Read More
Rhia Dixon
Diversity & Inclusion Director
This Kansas City native is a software engineer, mother of one, and lover of puzzles, mom & pop shops, and all things Harry Potter.
Lynnette Procopio
Community Outreach Chair
Lynnette is a lifetime Kansas City area resident who has applied her amazing technology management talents to enable 21st-century learning for thousands of students in Kansas City. She holds double Read More
Gloria Higley
Strategic Partnerships Director and ngGirls Program Co-Director
Gloria is a business professional turned web developer. She is passionate about advocating for shared understanding, connecting with other humans, and creating safe spaces to learn. KC native, toddler Mom, Read More
Tamara Copple
Membership Director
Tamara is a business and reporting analyst in the financial services industry who balances her day job with crafts and GM’ing D&D campaigns. Tamara’s ambition is to be a role Read More
Crystal Coates
Membership Engagement Director
I am a mom of two teenagers and a business development professional. I am a total geek that loves Star Wars and Marvel comic movies and everything about the KC Read More
Rebecca Román
Content Director
Rebecca supports Kansas City families through code, tweets, words, and awareness working in non-profit communications.
Leah Becerra
Newsletter Director
Leah is a digital journalist with a passion for technology and empowering women. She graduated from the University of Missouri and has lived in KCMO since 2016. She’s also an Read More
Erin Bradley
Business Process Analyst
I am an efficiency enthusiast and love to give people the right tools to help make their jobs easier. I find that once our jobs are easier, we have more Read More
Patricia Robinson
Public Relations Director
Patricia is a data nerd who loves sports, traveling, books, recycling and entrepreneurship.
Rachel Mahoney
Volunteer Director
Rachel is a self taught developer. She has a passion for prison reform and how technology can land offenders a better job so they don’t continue the cycle back to Read More
Rachel Hagan
Coding & Cocktails Program Director
Rachel is passionate about the history of computing, mental health and disability advocacy, and the intersections between health, art and technology. She’s a KU graduate working as a software engineer. Read More
Kayla Hennegin
Coding & Cocktails Curriculum Director
A domestic geek. Mom of 5. Front-End Web Developer. HTML5 + CSS3 + JS + PHP + RoR + Node.js. Graphic + Web Designer.
Alisa Duncan
Coding & Cocktails Technical Materials Director and ngGirls Program Director
Alisa is a software engineer, a former chemist, and a Navy brat who grew up overseas. She enjoys volunteering, learning new things, and having a drink on her patio.
Kallie Riff
Coding & Cocktails Presentation Director
Kallie is a software engineer that  loves collecting knowledge and sharing it with others. While she’s not behind a computer screen (working or gaming) she’s probably outside gardening, hiking, or Read More
Gabi Dombrowski
Coding & Cocktails Mentor Director
Gabi has a passion for languages, world travel, promoting diversity, and oysters. You can find her on her yoga mat or scratching her head at a computer screen.  
Melissa Arroyo
Coding & Cocktails Marketing Director
Melissa is a digital marketer and web development student. She has a background helping tech companies grow with digital marketing strategies and is passionate about #PoCinTech.
Rachel Aitkens
Coding & Cupcakes Program Director
Rachel is a Salesforce Admin/Developer with a background in training and e-learning design. She is passionate about learning new skills and teaching others.
Adrienne Anderson
Data Analyst and Coding & Cupcakes Curriculum Director
Adrienne dabbles in all things data, from SQL queries to machine learning algorithms. She has a lifelong love of learning and is currently pursuing a PhD in computer science. In Read More
Liz Utuk
Coding & Cupcakes Co-Director
Liz is an independent filmmaker turned Full-Stack Developer who gained her initial coding skills from LaunchCode’s KC Chapter coding programs LC101 and Liftoff. She is passionate about helping children discover Read More
Bill Ayakatubby
CoderDojoKC Leadership
Bill is a senior software engineer whose passions include mentoring, supporting diversity in tech, and kittens.
Laura Harsch
CoderDojoKC Program Director
Laura balances being a Mom and a successful career in Logistics & Distribution. A feminist, with a passion for promoting education & STEM, she is an active volunteer in her Read More
Anri Liy
CoderDojoKC Co-Director
Anri recently moved to the US to follow her dreams and eat lots of hamburgers and fries. Anri is a Test Engineer, aspiring software developer, has a BS in chemistry Read More
Tammy Buckner
CoderDojoKC Leadership
Tammy Buckner is a technology strategist and self-taught developer. After leaving college early, Tammy has had a successful career leveraging her knowledge of various technologies to align business solutions as Read More
Jenna Beckett
CoderDojoKC Mentor Director
Full-stack dev and .Net technical instructor. Nerd Chic. Harry Potter partisan. Lover of all things Boho. Mom. Foodie. Passionate about inspiring girls and women that they can #codeLikeAGirl
Eric Poe
CoderDojoKC Curriculum Director
Eric is a dad, reader, & full-stack developer with a background in K-12 education.
Kiley Adams
CoderDojoKC Junior Mentor Director
Kiley Adams. Junior Mentor Director. Application Developer Apprentice. Dog Mama. Foodie. Passionate about continuous learning. Speaks a bit of sign language.
William Johnson
CoderDojo Presentation Director
Will is a married father of 6 (yes, 6). Will has always had a passion for learning new things and sharing them with others. When he not running around with Read More
Jack Kolze
ngGirls Attendee Director
Jacqueline is a twenty-one-year-old software developer. She is passionate about helping others discover a love for tech. In her spare time, you can find her exploring downtown, hanging with her Read More
Erin Wilson
ngGirls Sponsorship Director
Erin is a software engineer who is equally excited and spooked by the fact that there is never an end to what you can learn. She is passionate about being Read More
Beth Noser
ngGirls Volunteer Director
Beth is a self-taught web developer and loves all things geek, especially in the Star Wars and Marvel universes. When she’s not coding, Beth is traveling, binge watching Netflix, playing Read More
Amy Norris
ngGirls Mentor Director and DjangoGirls Mentor Director
Amy is a graphic designer turned software developer who got her start in KCWiT’s Coding & Cocktails program. She loves learning new things, cuddling her cat, and playing board games.
Ammaarah Khan
ngGirls Community Outreach Director
Passionate about technology and politics, while bringing my experience as a 1st Generation American.
Adora Yang
nG Girls Marketing Director
Adora is a recent graduate from the University of Kansas with a background in Marketing and Anthropology. She loves learning and trying new things and building her passion and career Read More
Kylie Humpert
Django Girls Program Director
Kylie is a data analyst turned project manager and mom of 2. She is a lover of biographies, baking, and DIY home renovations.
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