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Ivy Nelson

Ivy has worked in public education for over a decade and currently works full time teaching teachers how to most effectively integrate technology into the curriculum. She is passionate about data privacy for students and leveraging technology as a way

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Tasha Graham

Tasha is a healthcare data analyst and mother to a sweet, vibrant, crazy-smart little boy, Silas. She enjoys reading, yoga, all things Marvel, and making people laugh. Tasha believes that as society becomes increasingly diverse, continued efforts in promoting the

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Tabatha Kirke

IT program, product, project profession who loves to see end users get the most out of their tools. Dog mom. Coach. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Adapter extraordinaire.

Ventura Rangel

Striving to bring more diversity and inclusion to the tech world. Life long learner, maker, mom, and wife.

Jacob Schwartz

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Jennifer Wadella

Jennifer is a self-taught full-stack javascript developer with a passion for technology and community building.

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