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Rhia Dixon

This Kansas City native is a software engineer, mother of one, and lover of puzzles, mom & pop shops, and all things Harry Potter.

Tamara Copple

Tamara is a business and reporting analyst in the financial services industry who balances her day job with crafts and GM’ing D&D campaigns. Tamara’s ambition is to be a role model of a woman in STEM for young women.

Erin Badder

Erin is a proud military spouse and mother to a fearless and animated toddler, Hank. A KC native, she has found herself back home and aspires to bridge the gap in military spouse employment by empowering women to explore opportunities

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Erin Bradley

I am an efficiency enthusiast and love to give people the right tools to help make their jobs easier. I find that once our jobs are easier, we have more time to pursue the things that bring joy.

Alison Renfro

I have a huge heart for technology – particularly when it comes to empowering women in technology! I’ve been serving as a Product Owner / Product Manager for a little over three years, and I feel incredibly lucky for what I’ve learned

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Ivy Nelson

Ivy has worked in public education for over a decade and currently works full time teaching teachers how to most effectively integrate technology into the curriculum. She is passionate about data privacy for students and leveraging technology as a way

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Tasha Graham

Tasha is a healthcare data analyst and mother to a sweet, vibrant, crazy-smart little boy, Silas. She enjoys reading, yoga, all things Marvel, and making people laugh. Tasha believes that as society becomes increasingly diverse, continued efforts in promoting the

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Tabatha Kirke

IT program, product, project profession who loves to see end users get the most out of their tools. Dog mom. Coach. Daughter. Sister. Aunt. Adapter extraordinaire.

Maggie Miller

Fueled by a lifetime love of art and problem-solving, I am an artist, a graphic designer, and a passionate community volunteer. On any given day, you could find me planning a trip (or two), reading a book (or three), or

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Leah Becerra

Leah is a digital journalist with a passion for technology and empowering women. She graduated from the University of Missouri and has lived in KCMO since 2016. She’s also an avid runner and big time food lover.

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