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Monica Singh

Monica is a software engineer who loves to learn and share her knowledge with others. Aside from her passion for technology, she loves playing tennis, doing yoga, spending time with her family and friends, and exploring her favorite city, KC!

McKenzie Hine

McKenzie is a software engineer with a passion for puzzles, learning, and helping others get involved in technology. When not coding she is playing board games, reading, traveling, or knitting while trying to keep her yarn away from her cat.

Danielle Blum

Danielle is an advocate for continuous learning and self-improvement, and is enjoying stepping into the world of technology and development and learning a lot along the way! She enjoys a nice glass of wine, a solid girls night, and getting

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Adora Yang

Adora is a recent graduate from the University of Kansas with a background in Marketing and Anthropology. She loves learning and trying new things and building her passion and career around people, technology, and marketing.

Beth Noser

Beth is a self-taught web developer and loves all things geek, especially in the Star Wars and Marvel universes. When she’s not coding, Beth is traveling, binge watching Netflix, playing table top games with her husband and two kids, hitting

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Ammaarah Khan

Passionate about technology and politics, while bringing my experience as a 1st Generation American.

Amy Norris

Amy is a graphic designer turned software developer who got her start in KCWiT’s Coding & Cocktails program. She loves learning new things, cuddling her cat, and playing board games.

Alisa Duncan

Alisa is a software engineer, a former chemist, and a Navy brat who grew up overseas. She enjoys volunteering, learning new things, and having a drink on her patio.

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