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Krithika Nagarajan

A life-long learner, technology geek, passionate about simplifying complex concepts. I love a little bit of everything – traveling, arts, crafts, cooking, gardening, meeting new people, experimenting new things.

Ashley Erffmeyer

Ashley is a software engineer, former mechanical engineer, and lover of all things Hello Kitty. She is passionate about coding, growing the number of women in tech, and giving back to the KC tech community.

Jackie Nguyen

After going down a few uncertain career paths, I decided to attend a KU coding bootcamp and haven’t looked back. Having received the opportunity that I did, I’m excited to help others discover their passion in tech. Outside of tech,

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Jack Kolze

Jacqueline is a twenty-one-year-old software developer. She is passionate about helping others discover a love for tech. In her spare time, you can find her exploring downtown, hanging with her cat, or watching Netflix.

Holli Hazelwood

Holli is a cat-loving educator who is driven by educational reform and equity for all students.

Patricia Robinson

Patricia is a data nerd who loves sports, traveling, books, recycling and entrepreneurship.

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