In just one month of existence, Kansas City Women in Technology has grown to 60 members. The importance of this organization is shown in these quotes from women in regards to what they hope to gain through membership:

” It would be incredible to build relationships with other women that see the true need for technology, and the expansion of women in this field. This is my passion, and I’d love to share it! I am young and self-taught, but succeeding in my career that heavily relies on my direct knowledge of technology use, and I’d like to build the knowledge and confidence that can take it to the next level.”


“I would like to help get my foot in the door of the industry and network with professionals.”


“The reassurance that I’m not alone. I college, there was a ratio of 1 woman for every 20 men studying the tech-based majors. At my places of employment, the ratio is closer to 1:30.”


“While I have some background in technology (from a marketing perspective), I feel my skills are dated and need a serious upgrade. ”


“I like the mission to get girls involved in technology at a young age. Technology has been a male dominated field for a long time. I also want to help raise awareness about all of the different types of positions there are within technology. When I was younger, I thought technology was simply development, and there are so many other opportunities outside of that.”


“First, I’d like to meet and surround myself with more women working in the industry. Second, as a project manager I come from a business background and I’d love to become more “technical” by participating in seminars and workshops outside of the office.”


“To know that I’m not alone and the chance to support a promising young woman’s future in STEM.”



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