We are developers, innovators, and thought leaders,
and we're trying to get more women in tech.

About Us

If you’re a woman in tech, chances are you’re the only one at your company, or at a user group, or at an event. The numbers aren’t in our favor. We’re trying to bring current women in tech together for solidarity, and to help encourage girls and women to pursue technology careers.

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Meet the ladies(*) behind the cogs.

Jennifer Wadella

President, Founder

Jennifer is a self-taught full-stack javascript developer with a passion for technology and community building.


Ventura Rangel

Secretary, Event Chair

Ventura is a mom enthusiastic about technology and crafting. After organizing CodeDay Kansas City, she was hooked on tech event planning.



Treasurer, Financial Chair

Jacob found redemption as a software engineer while working as an architect. He has a 2 children and is originally from Australia.


Jenny Smith

Community Outreach Chair

Jenny is a math geek, technology architect, and soccer mom who is excited about empowering girls and women in the tech industry.

@ jacfs


Volunteer Coordinator Chair

Brenda is a child advocate who enjoys technology and mentoring children. When she’s not coaching little league soccer, she loves writing poetry and playing with her four grandchildren.



Marketing Chair

Alex is a communications specialist who, in equal parts, loves graphic design, copy editing and writing. Outside of running the marketing department for a local wealth management firm, she enjoys hanging with her toddler Olive, and volunteering in the community.



Social Media Coordinator

Rebecca supports Kansas City families through code, tweets, words, and awareness working in non-profit communications.



Social Media Chair

Kaitlin is a writer and a feminist who loves Kansas City and works to grow its tech industry as marketing manager for KCnext – the Technology Council of Greater Kansas City.



Coding & Cocktails Director

Sarah is a software engineer who fell in love with computers while playing King's Quest growing up. She enjoys connecting with other women in the industry and helping others feel more confident in their skills.



Coding & Cocktails Co-Director

Tamara is a business and reporting analyst in the financial services industry who balances her day job with crafts and GM'ing D&D campaigns. Tamara's ambition is to be a role model of a woman in STEM for young women.



CoderDojoKC Director

Bill is a senior software engineer whose passions include mentoring, supporting diversity in tech, and kittens.



CoderDojoKC Director of Curriculum

Eric is a dad, reader, & full-stack developer with a background in K-12 education.



CoderDojoKC Director of Skill Mastery

Lance is a full-stack web dev, standards evangelist, ravenous learner, and proud generalist with roots in marketing. His hobbies normally involve adrenaline and injuries.



Tech sHeroes Director

Jordan is a engineer, feminist and ferret owner who is passionate about showing girls and women the power of code.



Tech sHeroes Director of School Partnerships


Tech sHeroes Director of Curriculum

Drew is a civic-minded Software Engineer (and coffee geek!) that hopes to make the world a better place through technology.

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